Pit of Tharkun



Slowly but surely…

Fat/dwarf bulk up suit is complete, facial hair is done. Tunic, leather gauntlets and belt are done! Working on casting the 70+ scales for the pauldrons. Then dying pants and making the boots. I’ll have one of his throwing axes done I think, to accompany my battle axe. Gotta go borrow a friend’s table saw for that.

Gotta do a brow prosthetic run through here soon. I’m hoping to do a Gimli/Legolas photoshoot done right before Dragon*con, like I did with Skyrim last year. We shall see!

Your definition of “slowly” must be different than mine. :)





It would be like Agents of SHIELD but Doctor Who!!!



Ggggiiiant Tauriel photoset pt. II (pt. I here)

Tauriel cosplay by Siffy


King of Zombies


Cinquedea Sword

  • Dated: circa 1500
  • Culture: Italian

Source: Copyright © 2014 Historische Waffen



karl urban as: cupid
xena: warrior princess (2.16)

For anyone who has yet to watch Xena, may we present this?

Are you aware of this, pitoftharkun?

I have seen him on Xena, but apparently not this ep. A costume for next year?

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before and afters are my favorite.
Character - Faolain from Guild Wars 2original photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography


before and afters are my favorite.

Character - Faolain from Guild Wars 2
original photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

I just learned that Karl Urban will be at Wizard World Chicago in about a month, and I think that’s as good a reason as any to kick this project into high-gear. Éomer Costume checklist to complete in the next 34 days:

  • Complete the sculpt, then cast, paint, and detail this helmet
  • Re-make belts out of leather instead of craft foam
  • Sculpt & cast buckles and other hardware
  • Re-make scabbard
  • If time permits, re-make sword

No problem!


 Guillermo Rigattieri

The mistake people make when they talk about not being able to trust Wikipedia is in the implicit assumption that we could trust encyclopedias as infallible sources before Wikipedia.

I like Wikipedia because I know it could be wrong. Regular encyclopedias can be wrong, too, but my guard was never up in the same way with them as it is with Wikipedia. I like Internet media specifically for the reason that Aaron Sorkin doesn’t like it: because it makes it that much more difficult for me to have any illusions about the fact that the burden of critical thought is on me.

I don’t automatically trust bloggers because a group of people I’ve never met decided to give them a badge that says “reporter” on it. I don’t turn off my critical thinking because they’ve gotten to be some sort of “professional”. I have to judge them on the merits of their writing and history of thoughtfulness or thoughtlessness alone. That is a feature, not a bug, because we should never trust any news media outlet implicitly.

- On the Internet Everyone Knows You Could Be a Dog, or Why I Think Aaron Sorkin Is Wrong About the Value of Established Media Outlets (via researchtobedone)